How it Works

Data Seal is a flexible and scalable cloud based solution developed by SVSG in cooperation with the U.S. Open Data Institute (USODI) to provide organizations with a means of registering and thereby authenticating publicly exposed data via a unique and secure registration number at significant lower costs than traditional custom solutions. Data Seal protects both those making the data public and those attempting to access it by preventing hacked documents from being mistaken for official.

As an increasing number of states are required to comply with UELMA, government agencies are making big efforts designing and integrating custom software solutions into their existing infrastructure which can be a complex, resource intensive, time-consuming process and also expensive to maintain. In most cases, these solutions only cover very few document types - mainly PDF authentication - leaving behind several other type of valuable material such as XML, audio, video, etc.

In contrast, Data Seal offers several features including sealing almost any material type as the combined chain of hash values is stored on a separate database and it’s regularly verified and audited by Data Seal. The solution recalculates the integrity values against the published values. Any tampering with the materials would automatically trigger a notification to the agency administrators as it becomes evident since the computed values would be different than the published values.

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With SVSG providing your Data Seal support, you can rest assured your agency data will be in compliance with UELMA at all times and know the data your organization distributes will be the authentic, unadulterated data sets you intended to release.

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